Events of a Different Nature

A few years ago for NaNoWriMo I decided to try to write a mystery with the main characters based on my dogs. I know. But I promise you it ended up being a lot less cute than it sounds. And I never once acknowledge that any of them are animals. This is not Wind in the Willows. This is Raymond Chandler as told by a dog that believes humans are a perfectly acceptable species if slightly deficient in certain aspects. Here's the description.

"Jango Champelli retired to the suburbs and set up a private investigative agency with her younger partner Sawyer Jarule in order to get away from the hectic life and dangers of the secret Agency she once worked for. But sometimes you can’t get away from your past and Jango and Sawyer’s biggest case runs deeper and more dangerous than either of them could have expected. Join these two investigators as they try to crack the case of the Grey Man and the other creatures of the underworld that surround them."

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Lot Beta


Lot Beta is a book I wrote for National Novel Writing Month in November, 2010. Here's the description:

"The stellar system is run by the Corporation for mining purposes. It was taken over, some say stolen, from the Pioneers. Everyone's an employee and you're born into your pay grade. What happens when a young man is thrust into a position of power by an accident of birth? What secrets are hidden by the Corporation? Can one boy create a new way to live?"

So hey, if that sounds interesting, you can get a copy at one of these links. 

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Chronology of Tech History

For a couple years I've been researching "Days in tech history" and have been posting them to since February 2012. I also did a short-lived podcast on TWiT about them.

I've taken all that work and ordered it up by date in a "Chronology of Tech History" It's not comprehensive but I think geeks may find it fun.

I'll keep adding the formats as they become available.

Chronology of Tech History

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Matt Smith in the UK made some cool console and PHP/Joomla scripts to dump out entries from the book.  Get them here.

United Moon Colonies

You can get United Moon Colonies in multiple formats.  Here's the list. All formats, paid or not, are Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0.

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